First Penguin dancing with hankies

Sheffield IVFDF 2022

25th – 27th February


Second Penguin dancing with hankies
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Techno Playford Artist Announcement!

We are delighted to announce that the legendary Bearded Dragons: Contra and Ceilidh Band will be playing for a Techno Playford at IVFDF, with the incredible Daisy Black calling!


Out of fire and darkness rise the mighty Bearded Dragons. Blending traditional and electronic styles, they are pioneers of Techno Contra, Techno Playford, and Electro Folk in general — at the very cutting edge of folk dance music. They are fiddle playing behemoth Benjamin Rowe, and keys and synths monster Vic Smith. With influences ranging from traditional British, Irish, and American; to electronic genres such as EDM Techno, Synthwave, Glitch, and Ambient — Bearded Dragons weave a musical experience that is entirely unique.

They are joined by lighting design wizard Amy Worrall, to transcend the dancefloor into another dimension!


Daisy is a caller based in Sheffield, where she runs the popular dance and music session, Playford in the Pub. She calls for ceilidhs, and tends to mix older dances with more modern ones. She particularly enjoys making seventeenth century dances lively and accessible for new and more experienced dancers. When not calling, Daisy is a storyteller and a lecturer in medieval performance at the University of Wolverhampton. Her programmes are energetic, dynamic and somewhat silly.

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We are excited to announce our artists for the Saturday evening contra.


Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer have developed an enviable reputation for their ability to reimagine folk and folk dance music; creating sounds that are simultaneously new and progressive, and yet entirely sympathetic to the tradition. They have become deeply involved in folk dance over the last ten years; contra, ceilidh and 'social dance' both as the duo and as Purcell's Polyphonic Party. They often insert performance elements into their dance music. You are very likely to find yourself dancing to a song - and we dare you not to sing the chorus as you go.


Rachel Shapiro Wallace is a dance caller who strives to communicate the joy of dancing, whether she is calling at a dance, festival, weekend, wedding, or public event.

Having stumbled upon contra dancing in Boston, Rachel eventually realized her passion for calling after moving to Chicago. Since then she has called throughout the United States, and since moving to her current home in Edinburgh, Scotland, Rachel has called in Paris and the United Kingdom.

Rachel's high-energy approach involves clear, concise walk-throughs, flexibility in teaching and programming, and working with the band to create that groove that dancers love.

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We are delighted to announce our artists for the Friday evening ceilidh!


Mixing traditional and self-penned tunes, Hekety have been playing cutting edge English dance music since their formation in 1997. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire they have performed to much acclaim at festivals and other events throughout the country.


Charlotte Rich-Griffin is an enthusiastic ceilidh and contra caller based in Oxfordshire. Charlotte started calling ceilidhs in 2013 with Warwick Folk. Since then she has spread her wings to call at Sidmouth and Whitby folk festivals. She is delighted to be calling at Sheffield IVFDF, the city where she attended her first IVFDF!

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Accessibility and Inclusivity

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback about stewarding last week! We'd like your feedback again, about something else this time...

This IVFDF, we are doing our best to make accessibility and inclusivity a priority.

We are really keen to make Sheffield IVFDF 2022 as accessible and inclusive as possible, and to this end we would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you might have! Please email us: (All private feedback will be anonymous except to the committee; if you require more anonymity than this, please contact us first.)

Can you help us with feedback on accessibility and inclusivity?

We would especially love thoughts from people who are speaking from their own experience, e.g. if you are a wheelchair user and have opinions on wheelchair accessibility, or if you are a person of colour and have opinions on how to create a welcoming and anti-racist environment.

We politely request that if you're sharing an opinion about something that does not affect you, you specify this in your comment/email 🙂 (e.g. if you want to share something that could help accessibility for autistic people, but are not autistic yourself).

We'd also ask that if you are not speaking from your own lived experience, you pause to consider if your comment is accurate and helpful. It may well be if, for example, your job involves working on accessibility issues; possibly less so if you're basing your suggestion off something you saw on TV once 🙂

Please bear in mind that as a student festival run by a committee of volunteers on a tight budget, we will not be able to implement absolutely everything we'd like to - but we would very much like to learn what is important to you!

We'd also really love to receive any proposals for workshops that might help create a more accessible and inclusive atmosphere - for example workshops that relate to accessibility/inclusivity in some way, or workshops on dances from cultures that are often underrepresented at IVFDF.

With much love and gratitude,
Sol, Accessibility Officer, on behalf of the IVFDF 2022 committee

P.S. if you've never been to IVFDF before, we would still love to hear from you - part of this is working out if there's anything about IVFDF that is not inclusive or accessible that might be preventing people from coming.
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It's time for our second artist announcement! *drumroll*

For the Saturday evening ceilidh, we are absolutely stoked to have the phenomenal Powerhouse, accompanied by the discerning calling skills of John Brown!


Powerhouse are a five piece ceilidh band consisting of melodeon, flute, electric guitar, bass and drums. Brought together by a mutual love of rock, beer, general geekiness and ceilidh, they combine traditional tunes with rock riffage and pop culture to tempt even the most determined non-dancer.


The band consist of -


John has spent many years training to be a professional cat herder in the foothills of Crookes. Since that time he's been calling gender free up and down the land (mostly up, down is a long drive), from Festivals to Ceilidh Clubs, and the odd Social Occasion.

John Brown

We can't wait! 🤘

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IVFDF Stewards Past & Future - We want your feedback!

Have you stewarded at an IVFDF before? Have you wanted to steward, but never done so? Has anything put you off - or conversely, made your stewarding experience more enjoyable? We'd love to hear your feedback about what you would and wouldn't like to see, and for former stewards, what you did and didn't enjoy, so we can use it for the 2022 event. Some things we're thinking of implementing next year (we'd love to hear your feedback on these, too!):

Any other ideas? Comment below, message us or email us at - all private feedback will be anonymous except to the committee. (If you require more anonymity than this, please contact us first.)

If commenting publicly, please be kind in your feedback regarding past IVFDFs; remember that past steward coordinators can see this post! We're looking for useful, constructive feedback that will help us create a good stewarding experience. 🙂 🖤 💛 love,
Sol, Steward Coordinator
with supervision from the Morris Penguins

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We are delighted to announce our first artist! *drumroll*

For the IVFDF 2022 Saturday evening bal, we are so excited to have The Rheingans Sisters playing gorgeous music for us!

The Rheingans Sisters make playful, powerful and richly connecting music that is wholly contemporary while deeply anchored in folk traditions. The award-winning multi-instrumentalists, composers and folk scholars are nominated for 'Best Duo/Group' at 2019 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Over the last five years, three critically acclaimed albums and a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award win for 'Best Original Track' in 2016, audiences across the UK, Europe and Australia have been utterly captivated by their very special live performances. Drawing on their pan-European musical scholarship and their spirited mission to make connections between the music of different geographical roots, they have developed a rich artistic approach to the deconstruction and reimagining of traditional music alongside their own beguiling compositions. Performing live, the sisters are inimitable; full-hearted performers and spontaneous, on-stage improvisors, with adventurous use of fiddles, voices, banjo, bansitar, tambourin à cordes, spoken word, dancing feet and percussion.

A unique and unmissable act on the folk and world music stage today, Rowan and Anna play a plethora of instruments in their live shows, many of them handmade by their luthier father Helmut Rheingans who is based in their native Peak District home.

The Rheingans Sisters released their much anticipated fourth album in 2020 on the Bendigedig Label.

The Rheingans Sisters, image of Rowan and Anna against a white and black brick wall, Saturday Evening Bal, @SHEFFIELD_IVFDF
Photo credit: Elly Lucas
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