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Sheffield IVFDF 2022

25th – 27th February

Stewarding Information

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Thank you for considering stewarding at IVFDF! Here is an explanation of what stewarding involves and what you are likely to be doing.

The nature of stewarding at IVFDF means that there will probably be some last minute changes and a few things you might be asked to do that aren’t listed here. These are likely to be minor and we will never ask anyone to put their safety at risk. If you have any concerns about this, or any things that you can’t do that we might not have thought of, please indicate this on the stewarding form when you apply.

You’re welcome to get in touch to discuss anything or ask any questions before applying by emailing .

This page is split into four sections: an overview of what being a steward involves, general duties and expectations for all stewards, responsibilities and expectations of IVFDF 2022 towards stewards, and specific stewarding roles and what they involve.

The only requirements for being a steward are:

You don't have to be a student, and you don’t have to have stewarded before.

*A note on "reasonably sure" particularly for folks with chronic health conditions or limited energy/spoons: "Reasonably sure" can absolutely mean "I am confident that under normal circumstances I'd be able to commit to this, but there’s a chance that I might have a flare up or run out of energy". We trust you to know your own limits and to not sign up if you’re unlikely to be able to steward. If you do sign up in the expectation that you’ll be able to steward and then can’t, we won’t treat that any differently to if someone has to drop out due to catching Covid, having to take a sick child to hospital, etc. There is a section on the stewarding form to state any accommodations you need.

What does stewarding involve?

General stewarding duties, responsibilities & expectations

IVFDF 2022’s duties & responsibilities to stewards

Types of stewarding shifts

Front desk

The front desk is the main entry point to IVFDF. The stewards here have two main duties: checking wristbands of attendees who have already checked in, and issuing wristbands to new arrivals. You'll be shown or told how to do this.

Front desk stewards are also responsible for managing t-shirt sales and lost property and being a central communication and information point for the event.

The front desk is usually busiest on Friday evening, which is when most people arrive.

Dance events

Stewards are needed on the door of dance events to check wristbands. Dance event stewards may also need to be a point of contact for the bands/artists and assist them if need be (obviously within your capacities - stewards are not expected to do heavy lifting if unable to!)

Stewards at late night dancing events may be needed to chivvy people out of the venue when it closes.

If your shift partner is OK with it, it's generally fine to take short breaks if you want to join in one of the dances, so long as you are still visible and able to resume your duties if need be.


Similar to dance events, workshops stewards will be checking wristbands. Some workshops venues will have dedicated stewards, while others will have a steward assigned to the area.

If your shift partner is OK with it, it's generally fine to take short breaks if you want to join in one of the workshops for a bit, so long as you are still visible and able to resume your duties if need be.

Sleeping venues

Stewards are needed on the door of sleeping venues throughout the night to check wristbands and point people to the venue facilities.

The busiest time for these stewards will be between 11pm (when many of the evening dances finish) and 2am (when late-night dancing finishes). Stewards on shift at these times are expected to be awake.

Stewards on shift between 2am and wake up time (which will be different for different venues) are not expected to be awake throughout the night, but are expected to be able to be roused if someone needs to get in.

Stewards on shift in the mornings will need to be awake and ensure that everyone has left the sleeping venue by the kick out time (different for each venue).

Cover stewards

Cover stewards are stewards who are on call at specific times. They do not have to be at a specific place while on call, but must be contactable. If there is a last minute drop out, they will be required to come and cover the shift. If a cover steward does not respond to a request within 15 minutes, they will not be eligible for their ticket refund.

Cover stewards will be required to be "on call" for more hours than a typical stewarding shift - a full ticket refund requires 12 on call hours, and a half ticket refund requires 6. These can be all at once or in blocks of minimum 3 hours.

Cover stewards who have signed up to 6 on-call hours will not be asked to do more than one shift; cover stewards who have signed up to 12 on-call hours will not be asked to do more than two. Shift length will depend on what the individual steward has indicated they are able to do.

Please note: We may limit numbers of Cover Stewards or close applications for them early, as we don't need as many of them as other types of stewards.